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Eco Guardians: the need for a professional, solution-driven online platform.

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Eco Guardians: the need for a professional, solution-driven online platform

Eco-Guardians specialise in the provision of economic yet sustainable solutions to a range of environmental obligations faced by today's businesses. The company was started in 2008 and has achieved success in the Australian market. In 2013 they embarked on a strategy to expand business into the South East Asian marketplace and needed a website to act as a central marketing platform.

Eco Guardians' vision is to provide economic yet sustainable solutions to a range of problems that today’s businesses face with their environmental obligations. Their mantra: “The environment should not be treated as a dumping ground".

Services - Responsive web design, SEO


Eco Guardians' website was outdated and did not effectively communicate their offering, products and solutions. They needed a site that would build credibility and demonstrate their brand as a leader in sustainable waste management products.

Having recently undergone a rebranding exercise they needed a new site that reflected this new image. Eco Guardians' website had also suffered from hacking, and they needed a reliable site and partner that could provide support on short notice when needed.

Paul Moynes, Director at Eco Guardians, shared that "Eco Guardians is looking to grow and expand into the South-East Asian marketplace. As an organisation, we understand that a key platform to enable this expansion is the internet. We are recognised as leaders in sustainable solutions for business. We understand the needs of our customers and deliver solutions tailored to their needs. This leadership needs to be reflected in the online world. our solutions are being sold to some of the most prestigious brands, organisations and venues in South-East Asia including business hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore. The decision makers in these companies will only deal with high-quality brands and organisations. A professional digital presence is essential as this is normally the 'entree' or "ice-breaker" with a client. Before meeting us they will review our website in detail. The first impressions given by our website helps to get us into meetings and sets the tone for that first meeting. Our new site looks great, is clear and concise and as a result, is winning us new business."


Web Design

Symphony3 designed a modern website that reflected Eco Guardians' new brand and the benefits that they deliver. The site is fully responsive, allowing optimised viewing for desktop and mobile devices alike.

The home page uses high quality imagery to show past projects of Eco Guardians, linking out to case studies that demonstrate expertise and build credibility. Strong images are vital to any good web design.

Solution-driven strategy

Product-based businesses can easily fall into the trap of only communicating and optimising for the products they sell. In the case of Eco Guardians, customers were looking for solutions to their problems rather than specific products. In the words of David Berry, Co-Director at Eco Guardians "we needed the website to reflect not just what we do, but how we do it. We don't just sell a product, we sell a solution. A lot of the time our customers don't know what product they need, but they know they have a problem that needs fixing."

For this reason, the site is structured around solutions as well as products, helping guide potential customers through their decision process. The site is also optimised for SEO around both product keywords and solution keywords on the basis of thorough SEO analysis and keyword research. This is essential for Eco Guardians to gain access to new potential customers who aren't yet aware of their brand or product.

Social Integration

The Eco Guardians website is integrated with social media to create a seamless communication with the customer. LinkedIn and Twitter are featured on the homepage, and regular news updates keep the website content fresh and help SEO efforts.

Customers can make direct enquiries via social media or contact forms built into the website.


Eco Guardians now work with a trusted digital adviser to represent and increase awareness of their brand. Paul Moynes understands the importance of a good digital partner. "We choose to work with Symphony3 because they understood the business outcomes we were looking for and had the expertise to deliver them in the digital world. It is important that we have a digital partner that can provide good strategic advice, and can provide high quality outcomes often on short notice."

Sohal Khatwani, who developed and implemented the SEO strategy, explained, "Eco Guardians are now ranking highly for both solution and product searches. Someone now searching for "air and odour management" will find Eco Guardians in the first page of search results, without having to know which product they're looking for. Their SEO efforts are also boosted by blogging and case-study capabilities"

The website effectiveness through advanced use of Google Analytics, allowing Eco Guardians to make data driven decisions that improve website traffic and engagement, and lead to more sales.

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