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LCI is an Engineering consultancy with a headquarters in Melbourne and an office in Sydney. It provides multi-disciplinary engineering services and design solutions to a global market. The organisation has worked on notable projects including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and the Crown Resort in Sydney. In late 2016 the company embarked on a strategy to modernise its digital presence and improve client communications.  


Services: Digital strategy, digital platform, online forms, online events, social media, CRM, SEO, responsive web design.


Like many engineering consulting firms LCI is a project focused business run by busy directors. The directors have a strong reputation for engineering excellence throughout Australia. This has led to trusted relationships with clients and industry partners. The business has grown and prospered on the back of these trusted face to face relationships. However, the directors recognise that, while digital channels have played a limited part in their success and growth to date, future relationships, growth and revenues increasingly rely on a stronger digital presence.

The directors also recognise that younger employees expect the organisation's digital presence to adequately represent the organisations brand. Likewise, the younger generation of employees and future leaders within client organisations expect to be communicated to and supported in digital channels.

In 2016 and 2017 LCI refreshed the company brand to coincide with their move to a new head office. Modernisation of the company's digital presence was an important element of the organisational refresh. 


Symphony3 were engaged by LCI to help develop and implement a clear digital vision and strategy. It was recognised that LCI's digital journey would take a period of years. The first step was the creation of a roadmap to outline that journey.

Digital Roadmap:

  • In preparing the digital roadmap to better understand the business, Symphony3 ran workshops with directors and staff, interviewed key people and reviewed current systems. This extensive consultation and communication ensured the current position was clearly established. From there a future vision was created outlining how digital technology could best benefit the business and a series of strategies were put in place to ensure that LCI could realise their goals.
  • These outcomes were documented in a digital roadmap that was presented and signed off by senior management prior to the commencement of its implementation.

Digital platform:

Central to the organisation's transition into the digital space is its online digital platform.

  • Platform Set-up: The platform is composed of a smart website and online sales and marketing engine sitting on strong digital foundations. This includes a Drupal Content Management System (CMS) with an integrated Open Source CRM to manage client relationships.
  • Website Design: Working with LCI's designer the look and feel of the website and the agreed upon design was implemented by Symphony3. Symphony3 built the website to ensure responsiveness across all devices and platforms.
  • Use of forms: It was recognised that there were many manual functions within the business that could be better handled using online forms. The platform has comprehensive online forms capability and forms have been used to handle HR and event management processes.
  • Search engine optimisation maximises the effectiveness of the digital platform through increased digital presence and reach.  

  • Social integration: Symphony3 developed and implemented the organisation's social media presence integrating platforms such as LinkedIn with the organisation's operations.

Customer relationship management:

  • A powerful customer relationship management database (CiviCRM) is built into the digital platform. It captures all customer interactions on the website and within the business streamlining communication with clients. Previously the names and emails of clients and industry partners were dispersed across excel spreadsheets, outlook calendars and email lists. There is now a central repository of client information. 
  • Events are now available for online registration. LCI's annual Golf day is its biggest client event of the year. Integrated customer relationship management allowed LCI to effectively promote, organise and analyse this event, eliminating many day's worth of manual labour. This includes event registration, sending calendar invites to Outlook, email reminders and follow-ups, and printing name badges.
  • Email and SMS marketing is all conducted from within the CRM. Subscribers can sign-up on the website to receive news and notifications.


LCI now have a dynamic digital platform including a responsive modern and easy to use website supported by a powerful CRM. The platform ensures LCI can continue to evolve its digital presence for many years building upon this new digital platform.

  • A new and responsive evolving digital platform that reflects LCI's updated branding, reputation and standing in the industry. 
  • A new website and social media channels that better showcase LCI's wealth of expertise and its previous projects. This is important as both expertise and previous project experience are assessed when awarding new projects.
  • Better use of keywords ensures that the business is more visible on search engines for industry searches, not only bringing more traffic, but bringing the right traffic.
  • Processes such as event management and recruitment have been moved online with the CRM and online forms ensuring tasks that were previously manual are now automated.
  • CRM reports and Google analytics provides LCI with data analytics that will allow them to continually improve and refine their online presence for clients and visitors.

LCI continue to improve their digital capabilities with ongoing assistance from Symphony3. Regular monthly consultations ensure information on the site remains current, new processes are added as online forms and news is shared via the blog, newsletter and social media channels.

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