Banyule City Council reduces permit application times by two weeks

Case study
Public sector

SmartGlue integration providing a true digital transformation for council


Integrated Permit Application Forms Banyule City Council approached Symphony3 with the aim of automating their planning and permit applications. They sought a solution that would not only enhance the user experience for their residents but also bring about a genuine digital transformation and optimise the business processes within the council. The initial permit was the automation of a single permit which has already progressed to multiple permits for council.

The Challenge

Using the data collected from their existing online form, the objective was to streamline and automate the process, reducing the required time by integrating with other internal systems. This integration would facilitate the removal and/or pruning of trees and enable prompt payment when applicable.

Solution Symphony3 Delivered

  • Integration with multiple core business systems to provide time saving and other business process optimisations.
  • Automation of several manual processes.
  • Specific workflows created depending on the requirements of the resident.
  • Errors reduced through system integration, replacing manual involvement and emails between departments.
  • Residents receive real-time information on address specific land restrictions while completing the form, preventing rejected applications and saving time.

Client Benefits and Outcomes

  • An automated workflow through integrated systems provides residents are with a reduced time frame for their trees being pruned or removed, allowing seamless connectivity between systems and forms solutions.
  • Emails are sent to residents to provide status updates which provides greater customer satisfaction.
  • Provides 24/7/365 accessibility, ensuring a more convenient and reliable experience for all users.
  • Significant reduction of errors as workflows are not being manually handled.
  • Automation provides overall operational efficiency.
  • Integration allows new systems to be plugged into existing core systems ensuring use of existing systems is maximised.
  • Government-level security providing peace of mind for Councils IT team.
  • A SaaS solution requiring minimal support.
  • The platform is built on open source soft ware so it is licence free and cost saving exercise for Banyule.
  • Common integration patterns allowed a speedy deployment.
  • The learnings from the initial permit are being applied to transform the following additional permits and forms - application for planning permit, amend a planning permit, further information response and a private building surveyor from.
Banyule Shire Council Mockup
Banyule Shire Council Mockup