Fergal Coleman

Glen Eira Council recently launched a digital kiosk in its Carnegie library.


Glen Eira Kiosk



Using Symphony3’s customer portal technology, the kiosk provides a simple easy to use interface that any member of the community can use to access key council services. 



Glen Eira Kiosk Home Page



This includes the ability to book a hard waste collection...



Glen Eira Kiosk Hard Rubbish Collection



...and to report an issue.



Glen Eira Report an Issue



Both of these online services are tightly integrated with Infor Pathway

This ensures that all hard waste requests and reported issues are automatically lodged in council systems, workflows and processes within seconds.



Glen Eira Kiosk Map



An accessible tool that benefits and empowers customers and council staff

The kiosk benefits customers by...

  • Providing an easy-to-use self-service interface to access key council services.
  • Allowing residents to book a hard waste collection quickly and easily.
  • Enabling residents to report an issue via a simple online form.
  • Helping residents to get involved in their community.
  • Providing access to planning application advertisements and the ability for residents to submit their own.


The kiosk benefits council staff by...

  • Fully integrating with councils Infor Pathway ERP system. The hard waste and integrates directly with council systems eliminate manual handling of requests and speeds up delivery times.
  • Placing the kiosk in the library council staff can engage the community with their online services and handhold community members who are less tech-savvy.


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