In this second webinar from our connected citizen series, the Symphony3 team is joined by guest panellist Prof. Mark Thompson, Advisor to UK Government, and Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter to talk about digital strategy and leadership. 


Watch the full webinar below!

Webinar Details

Connected Citizens Webinar Series

Webinar Title: Digital Strategy and Leadership

Time and Date: 5pm - 6pm AEDT, October 14th 2021. (Melbourne Time)

This webinar has limited places available. All webinar participants will receive a special report on digitising government.


Local public services: Time to rethink the whole model?

In this second webinar in the Connected Citizen series, we welcome Mark Thompson, Professor in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter and Strategy Director at the Methods Group, an acknowledged thought leader and practitioner on digital transformation.

We will build on the discussion from the first webinar held on September 9th, which was a resounding success with over 40 attendees. You can watch a recording of the webinar here: The Council of the future webinar.

Why attend?

By attending this interactive webinar, you will gain insights on ways to digitise and transform your local authority. This is a unique opportunity to exchange views with Professor Thompson, Digital Subject Matter Experts from Symphony3 as well as your peers from other councils.

Our objective in this webinar is to get you to contextualise a digital strategy and digital leadership in your organisation.

What we’ll cover

Professor Thompson will challenge you to think differently about local public services and the internet technology used to improve them. Through examples, case studies and powerful analogies Mark brings to life the opportunity we have to improve service delivery in local government.

The key points will include:

  1. What is holding us back and how we can overcome these challenges;
  2. Ideas and examples of how the local government sector can work together to achieve digital transformation; and
  3. An overview of how to implement digital transformation of local public services, and what leaders must do to affect change

Who can attend?

Our goal, like the first webinar, is to encourage and enable interactivity. As a result, spots are limited to give every attendee an opportunity to engage.

Please register early to ensure your attendance opportunity.


About Professor Mark Thompson

Professor Thompson is an acknowledged thought leader and practitioner on digital transformation in government and his work in digital government in the UK has been used as a foundation for much of the digital government work undertaken elsewhere in the world. One of his specialist skills is as a “digital translator” to senior leaders. He is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and (by his own admission) sometimes provocative, keynote speaker.


More about Professor Thompson

Mark is acknowledged in the public domain as one of the architects of the adoption of open standards, platforms, and digital service redesign within the UK public sector. He chairs National Digital Conference, Digital Leaders Conference, and Central Government Business and Technology Conference, and is a regular and influential contributor to Government Information Quarterly, Public Administration, Journal of Public Administration, Research and Theory, The MJ, Computer Weekly, Government Computing, The Guardian, Financial Times, Digital Leaders, and The Economist. He speaks/interacts regularly with a range of institutions including Reform, Policy Exchange, Institute for Government, SOCITM (local govt), Nesta, etc. He works with/is well networked with a wide range of policymakers across central government (departments, ALBs/NDPBs), and local government (councils, health, social care, housing, blue light), and blends the roles of academic, practitioner, and policy commentator. Mark has keynoted Departmental Awaydays for Home Office, DfE, DEFRA, DWP, GDS, and MHCLG, as well as many senior audiences (e.g. General Staff, British Army, Cabinet Office Round Tables). In addition to various academic articles on public services and technology, Mark’s co-authored book, Digitizing Government, appeared in December 2014, and Manifesto for Better Public Services launched at the Institute for Government in April 2018.