A modular platform just like Lego! You get to plug and play the pieces you want to use.

The Symphony3 platform is comprised of world-class, enterprise-grade, open source solutions. The software is configured and packaged to suit the needs of our customers.

In today's disruptive environment organisations need solutions that are flexible, secure and scalable. The Symphony3 platform provides all three. You choose the modules you require and we work with you to configure it to your needs. As your organisation evolves you can plug in new modules to suit your business needs.

The module packages are described below. For more detailed technical information please contact us. 

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Digital Service Delivery Foundations (Core to all packages)

While each client's digital platform is unique, the foundations we use are consistent across all our clients. We have assembled proven open source, enterprise-grade technologies that allow you to build exceptional web experiences, holistic customer relationship management and an open system that enables integration across your whole organisation. This means you can integrate with any modern system and scale your platform as your business grows. And you do so safe in the knowledge that your system is always secure.

Smart website

Take your web presence to the next level and provide your customers with personalised experiences and content and services that will engage and delight them. We configure the Drupal CMS to suit your needs. It's the #1 web content management system among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs. We configure it for your needs and help you transform your website from a simple content presentation solution into a powerful, smart digital platform that enhances your relationship with your customers.

Customer Portal

The customer portal will save costs and drive efficiencies while simultaneously delighting your customers. Kick-start your online digital services with our extensive library of over 300 forms, engage your community with consultation tools, enable stakeholders to download invoices and transaction history, and to choose their communication preferences. Allow members to book into and pay for events. The customer portal will enhance your online customer services, drive customer relationship management and personalise customer communication.


Deliver organisation-wide integration capability that eliminates double handling, manual inputting and associated errors. Connect every digital interaction with internal systems. Ensure minimal disruption to core tasks even as the organisation undergoes wholesale digital transformation. We work with WS02, an integration solution used by leading organisations including Qantas, eBay, Motorola and American Express. Symphony3 have dozens of out of the box integrations with the most common ERP, CRM, Finance and Document management systems.

CRM & Single Customer View

The CRM and SCV (single customer view) package captures every aspect of your customer's relationship with your organisation, across every channel and touchpoint. Plan and manage your contact and communication with each customer. Manage sales and opportunities. Understand the services each customer is using, and measure the cost of delivering those services. Designed for organisations who want to grow sales, but who also have a passion for understanding their customers and a focus on improving service delivery.


Implement an intranet that truly streamlines the internal workings of your organisation. The intranet package co-ordinates internal data, documents and processes. Your information is presented in a simple, easy to use manner. Employees can get the information or document that they want directly from the source and can interact quickly and efficiently with every employee, department, system and process.

Dashboard / GIS Enabler

Smart city technology promises massive efficiencies and better use of community resources. The Dashboard / GIS Enabler package has been developed for those organisations looking to take a strategic, long-term approach to spatial and smart-city technologies. Our open source GIS provides the spatial dimension, the IOT connector captures all your sensor and IOT data in one place and the BI analytics engine presents the data you need, when you need it, to improve decision-making.


Build a truly memorable online shopping experience for your customers. Our fully flexible, modular and scalable system means we can design the technology around the experience you want to give to your customer. Personalise the shopping experience for your most loyal customers on the front-end. On the back-end, we help you seamlessly integrate with your ERP in real-time to offer all available products online. We ensure your online orders are aligned with internal workflows and payments are properly allocated in your finance system.