Streamline your internal processes. Improve internal communication. 

Together we will build your one-stop digital shop for internally connecting your organisation. 

Organisations today are using a wide variety of digital services to help them manage internal processes and communication. Having so many tools and logins is confusing for employees and a nightmare to manage for IT and communications staff.

Intranets are the place where your internal processes are glued together. Employees can access what they need, when they need it, all in one centralised location. They are easy to use, drive productivity, and encourage communication across all levels of your organisation. 

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Empower your employees with an intranet

How can an intranet help you to streamline your organisation?

Intranets have become a staple of many successful organisation for their ability to drive efficiency within an organisation. In an increasingly digital, collaborative and geographically diverse society, organisations must centralise their digital processes to make the most of the opportunities provided by a digital world. Otherwise, they risk falling behind to better-digitised competition. 

Digital Centralisation

Organisations rely on multiple important digital services for their daily operations. This can become cumbersome, by centralising these services, intranets can help to make organisation nimble again. 


Organisations deal with large amounts of information every day. Poor management and communication of this information leads to poor results for consumers and a difficult time for employees. Intranets help to provide clarity and ease of access for information so that organisations can find what they want when they need it. 


Organisations often suffer from communication overload. Too many emails and meetings lead to poor productivity. By putting important communication in one place, employees and management alike can benefit from clear consistent communication. Through message boards and blogs, intranets allow employees to communicate with management and management with employees. They can voice their opinions as they collaborate across the organisation. 


  • Present information in a simple, easy to use manner.
  • Empower your employees to work together and encourage communication across all levels of your organisation. 
  • Keep in touch with employees.
  • Minimise clutter and clarify confusing processes. 

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What makes a good intranet?

Intranets come in all shapes and sizes depending on what organisation they are for. So how do you tell what you need? A good intranet is one that works well for your organisation. There is no one size fits all. However, there are some things that all good intranets have in common.

Good intranet design

Intranets are supposed to simplify your organisation's operations. Unless it is easy to use and looks good, your employees will not want to use your intranet. 

Intranet content

The reason the employee uses your intranet is to communicate and receive information. It should be clear, accessible, and useful. 

Intranet usability

Intranets aim to increase efficiency. If employees cannot work out how to use your intranet they won't use it. Good usable intranets should be simple, intuitive, and drive efficiency. 

Intranet visuals

Employees will need to spend a lot of time using your intranet. Good, appealing visual design creates a working environment that they are happy to spend time in. Whether they are starting or ending the day, good intranet visual design will allow them to spend their time in a space that they are comfortable with. 

Intranet branding

Give your intranet a personality that drives home what your organisation stands for. Naming your intranet gives it character and makes it something that people within your organisation can easily talk about. 

Encourage intranet collaboration

A collaborative workplace

Intranets connect organisations. If implemented well, they can encourage employee collaboration leading to a wide variety of benefits including; 

  • Increased innovation.
  • Reduced duplication of work. 
  • A more cohesive organisation culture. 
  • Improved productivity.

Intranets can provide a place where projects and teams from across your organisation come together. Employees can work together and communicate information in real-time allowing your organisation to become a cohesive unit working towards a shared vision. 

Drive intranet engagement

An intranet made for your organisation

It can be tempting to treat intranets as a task that needs to be completed. Unlike websites, many organisations fail to evolve their intranet as their organisation, the world, and the technology around them changes. Employees will start to lose interest in the intranet as it loses relevance in their working environment. 

So, how do organisations keep their intranets relevant and employees engaged?

  • Give employees a voice to provide input. 
  • Recognise employee success. 
  • Cultivate social engagement. 
  • Clearly communicate your organisations vision and objectives. 

Leaders must engage with employees and drive intranet innovation. Explore what's possible. It can be easy to buy a pre-built intranet "off the shelf", but by doing so, organisations may not truly meet the needs of employees and their organisation. 

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