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Our purpose is to help people live better lives in a digital world. At Symphony3 we passionately pursue this purpose with our staff, our suppliers and our customers.

We achieve our purpose by helping our clients deliver simple, connected customer experiences in an increasingly digital world. Many organisations face a growing inability to connect to their customers across the myriad of new channels.

Organisations providing services to communities, stakeholders and members, such as local government, clubs and industry associations are struggling to serve their customers. Their systems and data simply cannot deliver the digital service today’s stakeholders demand.

Many private organisations are losing customers and  business to competing organisations that have better digital capabilities, offer superior customer experiences and value, and have better business models.

Whether you are in a public or private organization,  the likelihood is your customers are demanding an experience that your organisation simply cannot provide with its current systems and processes.

At Symphony3 we turn the cacophony of digital noise and confusion experienced by our clients into a symphony of harmony and clarity. 

We do this by:

  • Developing and enhancing relationships between customers and businesses in a digital world.
  • Creating environments where people, businesses and organisations can operate in a digital world.
  • Helping people adapt to changing circumstances brought about by the evolving digital environment.
  • Transferring our knowledge and providing a digital roadmap to allow businesses and their customers to navigate change they need to make to be successful in a digital world.

Our Values

  • We have a thirst for knowledge and answers to ensure our advice to you is always current.
  • We are persistent - making the complex simple is often difficult and requires tenacity.
  • We recognise the power in our own and our clients’ diversity.
  • We seek to learn and develop so that we can improve.
  • We are passionate about leading the lives we want to live and think it's important to laugh and have fun along the way.

Who we are

Our management team.
Fergal Coleman
Fergal has been working in the digital consulting sector for almost 20 years. He has worked with clients in the public and private sectors and is passionate about helping clients develop their digital capabilities in order to deliver better customer experiences. Fergal has run digital workshops with hundreds of senior managers and small business owners in Australia and Ireland.
Phillip Dooley
Phillip Dooley
Phillip Dooley has over 25 years experience in information management and is Symphony3’s “Professor of Data”. He has an in-depth understanding of GIS, asset management, and customer segmentation. Over the years he has consulted and worked with over 50 local governments, and dozens of corporate clients including Toyota, and the AFL.
Sohal Khatwani
Senior Consultant
Sohal Khatwani has 10+ years experience in digital communications and the online sector. He has vast experience and expertise in digital strategy and content management systems, with a particular focus on Drupal. He is also a certified SEO consultant. He spends most of the year in Australia but can also be found working from our Mumbai office every few months.