Our Proposition

Symphony3 was established in 2011. For over a decade, we’ve delivered great outcomes for mid-market, public and private sector organisations.

We help organisations who want to exceed customers’ expectations and drive internal efficiencies with their current technology.

We harness their organisation’s potential and drive change through informed strategy and an innovative shared platform.

Symphony3 - What We Do

Outcomes we deliver for clients

A superior customer experience

Automation of manual processes

Unlock staff potential and value

Cost savings

Self service 24/7/365

Increased revenues

Our values


We always treat colleagues, clients and partners with respect.


We are tenacious and will work tirelessly to deliver great outcomes.

Ongoing learning

We have a thirst for knowledge and strive to ensure our advice is always current.


We recognise the power in our own and our clients’ diversity.


We are passionate about leading the lives we want to live and think that it’s important to laugh and have fun along the way.


We implement and encourage sustainable practice in all that we do.

Our people

We are a growing and diverse team. We are curious, creative, persistent and fun to work with. We provide an environment where we are all challenged and can grow in our careers and as individuals. Find out more about us, meet our team and apply for career opportunities at Symphony3 on LinkedIn.

Photo of Tom

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Thomas Hynes

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Fergal

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Fergal Coleman

Founder and Senior Consultant

Photo of Phillip

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Phillip Dooley

Founder and Senior Consultant

Photo of Trevor

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Trevor Vas

Strategic Adviser

Photo of John

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John Nevins

Strategic Adviser

Photo of Philip

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Philip Joseph

Business Analyst and Drupal Site Builder

Photo of Julie

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Julie Gentle

Business Development Manager

Photo of Krzyzstof

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Krzyzstof Bobin

Full-stack Drupal Developer

Photo of Tsega

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Tsega Tadesse

Integration & Full Stack Developer + DevOps

Photo of Selaka

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Selaka Piumal

Integration Consultant

Photo of Grace

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Grace Mallinson

Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer

Photo of Eamon

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Eamon Dooley

Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer

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