Leader in Local government digitisation creates integrated internal forms engine

Glen Eira have digitised dozens of local government internal forms to deliver massive internal efficiencies and eliminate manual paperwork.



The City of Glen Eira approximately 10 kilometres from Melbourne’s central business district,  covers an area of 39 square kilometres with approximately 150,000 residents. Its suburbs could be considered distinct and colourful villages with diversity a common theme; there are large Jewish, Indian, Chinese, English, South African and Greek communities. with their own unique identities. The area is well served by public transport; local infrastructure; parks and recreation and considered a great place to live in Melbourne. In recent years, Glen Eira’s digital transformation team have been ensuring technology is being used to support and enable better services and access to information.

The Challenge

The digital transformation team at Glen Eira, led by Schweta Babbar, have tackled dozens of digital projects over the last 3 years. They are perceived as leading innovators in the sector having won numerous digital awards in 2018/2019 as their work has started to deliver returns.

One of the challenges that they had was around internal processes. Many simple internal processes were still being undertaken using paper-based forms, leading to duplication, manual entry, errors and lack of visibility around many simple day-to-day activities such as new vendor processes and leave application forms.

The Solution - Internal Forms for Local Government

Symphony3 was engaged to develop an intranet forms portal to streamline the most common internal processes. Together with Glen Eira we were very quickly able to develop a prototype internal forms engine, utilising

  • Our white label digital platform which can be deployed in a matter of hours

  • Using our shared forms environment, allowing Glen Eira to build on forms templates that had already been developed for other councils, saving days of time.

Our integration team worked with the Glen Eira team to

  • develop integration with both Active Directory and Trim (HP Content Manager)

  • To develop process maps and data schemas that ensured the correct data was being sent to the correct system and databases to ensure maximum efficiency

Our development team worked with the internal Glen Eira developer to:

  • Develop forms that used best practice UX and usability principles

  • Ensure inbuilt conditional logic made forms shorter and quicker to complete.

The Outcome

Glen Eira has a scalable, robust internal online forms engine that is being used by staff inhouse, in the field and from home.

Access is quick and secure with Active Directory integration

Forms are build using DTA ( best practice

Manual handling is reduced and in some cases eliminated as documentation is sent and archived directly

Internal processes have been built utilising Drupal and TRIM (HP Content Manager) workflow processes, ensuring the correct information is sent to the right person at the right time, with escalation and reminders developed to ensure processes are complete.

Key Takeaways

  • Staff wide adoption of internal online forms

  • Streamlining of internal processes through the development of online forms

  • Mapping and improving processes to drive efficiencies

  • HP Content Manager (TRIM) Integration ensures high-quality document management is maintained.

  • Active Directory integration to improve workflows and access rights

  • Reusable forms shared with other councils to reduce the time and cost of implementation


  • Installation of integration platform
  • Online forms
  • Development of intranet and extranet forms
  • Associated, Active directory integration

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