How to make your council cyber-secure

Tips and tools for minimising cyber-risks in local government

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Topic: How to make your council cyber-secure

When: Thursday November 10th 2022

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Please note that this session was NOT recorded.

What would you tell your Councillors if you had a data security issue?

Do you understand how at risk you may be and what you can do to reduce risks?

Please note that this session was NOT be recorded.


What we discussed: Cyber security in local government

On Thursday 10th November 2022, we discussed cyber security with Matthew Cole, Assistant Director, Joint Cyber Security Centre Victoria and Tasmania, and panel guests Nicole Pretty, ICT Manager at Greater Shepparton City Council, Richard Bianco, IT Manager at West Arnhem Regional Council (NT), and Duncan Kelly, IT Manager at Macedon Ranges Shire Council.

You need to be on top of the specific local government cyber security challenges.

With the recent Optus data breach, cyber security is again top of mind in every organisation. CEOs, General Managers, and IT & digital managers must understand the cybersecurity landscape. They must identify the risks and develop practical strategies to mitigate them. 

Those strategies must be communicated clearly to staff and implemented consistently across all levels and departments.

Local Governments face their own unique challenges due to the variety of services they offer and the myriad of associated systems and data sets.

The session looked at the latest insights and security resources from the cyber security centre combined with insights from those dealing with keeping their organisations secure on a daily basis. Below is a list of actions you can apply in your organisation today.



ACSC Partnership Program

The ACSC Partnership Program is the primary interface between industry, academia and government agencies to ACSC

  • Two-way channel of communication and collaboration
  • The Joint Cyber Security Centres provide a trusted environment to enable information sharing and collaboration
  • Information protected by Deed Poll signed by every Network Partner
  • LGAs automatically qualify as top-tier Network Partners

ACSC partners are provided with access to:

  • Threat intelligence, news and advice to enhance situational awareness
  • A collaborative community
  • Resilience-building activities (e.g. exercises, discussions, workshops)
  • The national JCSC network
  • Opportunities to share insights and expertise with the ACSC Partner community


The 2021-22 Annual Threat Report (released November 4th)


Free online learning resources (designed for general population use, point your staff towards applicable parts it in lieu of your own program):


Ransomware (including guides and prevention/resource tools):


Cyber Hygiene Improvement Programs (CHIPS) – should be made available by your state/territory central agency cyber team.

Symphony3 is proud to be a network partner of the ACSC

Symphony3 ACSC Partner


Unfortunately, we were not permitted to record this webinar. However a list of resources and links mentioned in the session are available on this page.