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Geofabrics is the largest geosynthetic supplier in Australasia. Learn how Geofabrics differentiated themselves from their competitors through a Symphony3 digital platform


Symphony3 has been providing digital services to the business for over a decade.
Geofabrics is the largest geosynthetic supplier in Australasia and the only Australian manufacturer of geotextiles. With branches throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, the company is the market leader providing solutions to thousands of engineering, construction and infrastructure clients including industry leaders like Lendlease, John Holland and Fulton Hogan. In a market where lower quality products are flooding the market, Geofabrics prides itself on its world class solutions and its commitment to providing the best customer service in the sector.


Connecting to Customers

Redevelopment of integrated digital platform encompassing Geofabrics Australia corporate website, and subsites including a careers website, a training academy website and a Geofabrics New Zealand website.

The Challenge

  • The challenge for Geofabrics is to continue to maintain its market leadership. This means continually differentiating itself from lower cost and lower quality providers.
  • Maintaining a high-quality digital presence that showcases its superior products and highlights its commitment to customer service is an essential differentiator.
  • The business required a digital strategy to enable the company to plan delivery of a high-quality, sustainable digital environment with relatively few internal resources.
  • To deliver its new digital solutions in stages, Geofabrics required a scalable and flexible platform.

Solution Symphony Delivered

  • A digital roadmap. The Symphony3 team developed a simple roadmap for digital transformation focused on improving customer experiences. The roadmap has been adopted and implemented by the business over many years.
  • A scalable digital platform. Symphony3’s SAAS platform provided the core foundation for the business to build its corporate website, and numerous subsites and digital tools using a staged approach.
  • Design and delivery of a high-quality website and associated web experiences. A new website (and associated websites) was designed and developed with Geofabrics’ marketing agency. The solution delivers a consistent brand messaging and a high-quality user experience.
  • Integration of the platform with the ERP, and 3rd party systems ensuring automation of manual processes.

Client Benefits and Outcomes

  • Customer-centric digital experiences. With the exceptional digital experiences provided via the new platform, Geofabrics continues to stand out from the competition and maintain the loyalty of its best customers.
  • Streamlined business processes - by integrating systems and data, Geofabrics have.
  • Improved sales processes across the business.For example, by automating proposal generation processes the sales team have reduced time to quote by 50%.
  • Eliminated errors from manual processing and double handling of data.
  • Improved decision making. By capturing online sales and marketing activity in the CRM, Geofabrics senior management better understand the needs of different customer segments and have improved how they communicate with their customers.

Client Testimonial

“We have used Symphony 3 for several digital projects over the last few years. The team are innovative, supportive and really know how to help businesses undertake digital projects with an end goal in mind - they really helped us map out our long-term digital plan and are now helping us deliver it as a staged project”
- Sarah Dawson, Marketing Manager, Geofabrics