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The City of Glen Eira covers an area of 39 square kilometres with approximately 150,000 residents. Learn how the Glen Eira city council digitised their day to day activities

About Glen Eira City Council

Client Since 2018

The City of Glen Eira is approximately 10 kilometres from Melbourne’s central business district, covers an area of 39 square kilometres.150,000 residents from culturally diverse backgrounds live in its distinct and colourful suburbs. In recent years, Glen Eira’s digital transformation team have been ensuring technology is being used to support and enable better services and access to information.

Glen Eira Kiosk

Requirement: Connecting with Customers

To develop two portals (Intranet forms portal and a customer kiosk) to deliver improved internal and external services. Providing integration to core council systems, including Pathway and HP Content Manager and MS Active Directory, was an essential component for both portals.

The Challenge

  • Outdated internal processes delivered using paper and basic online forms on staff intranet, leading to staff frustration.
  • Lack of digital service delivery for residents in key facilities (e.g. libraries).
  • No integration of forms with internal CRMS (Infor Pathway) or document management (HP Content Manager)meaning requests required manual inputting.

Solution Symphony3 Delivered

Symphony3 worked with Glen Eira’s digital team to configure its digital platform, delivering two solutions:

  1. An internal forms portal with 30+ plus internal services (e.g., employee reimbursement forms, leave applications, training registrations).
  2. Web-based Self-service kiosk (customer portal) – Residents can now access the kiosk at various locations throughout the municipality including libraries.

A platform to integrate to internal systems was developed for both solutions, so that now:

  • All internal forms use sophisticated workflows that integrate with Microsoft.
  • The self-service kiosk contains forms that integrate with Infor Pathway.

Client Benefits and Outcomes


  • Improvement of employee experience when accessing internal services offered by HR, Finance and Learning and Development teams.
  • Streamlining of processes: Advanced workflows direct requests to the right manager automatically. Easy access to digital services for citizens, in particular senior citizens.
  • Automation of manual processes to integrate forms with MS Active Directory, Infor Pathway, and HP Content Manager which saves time and money and frees staff to deliver value adding services.

Glen Eira Forms

Symphony3 solutions saved thousands of hours each year by removing double entry.