Top 10 Webinar Highlights: How Disruptive Technologies will have a Seismic Effect on Local Government

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How Disruptive Technologies will have a Seismic Effect on Local Government - Symphony3 Webinar

The Macroeconomic shifts associated with the latest disruptive technologies will impact every local government. Senior leaders, including politicians, CEOs and General Managers, must consider how their organisations will be affected and fast-track plans accordingly.

This webinar is a must-watch for CEOs, senior managers, and digital and IT leaders in every council looking to build an organisation of the future.

Here's a summary of the top 10 highlights:

  1. 5min10seconds: Challenges and Opportunities for Local Government: John Nevins delves into the evolving landscape of technology in local governance, exploring both challenges and opportunities.
  2. 8min30seconds Asset Management and AI: Ashay Prabhu discusses leveraging AI for asset management, emphasising the potential for reducing consumption across assets through scenario modelling platforms.
  3. 13min40sec AI Applications Across Industries: Michael Fagan sheds light on diverse AI applications in various industries, offering insights into potential parallels for local government.
  4. 20min30sec Evolution of Software Solutions: Sekhar Vanka reflects on the changes in software solutions for local government over the past 15 years and explores the transformative impact of AI on workflow.
  5. 27min50sec Data and Analytics Panel Discussion: Panelists engage in a discussion on consolidating data and overcoming bureaucratic obstacles to foster efficient data utilisation in government operations.
  6. 35min30sec Rebuilding Government Trust: Exploring how new technologies can aid in rebuilding public trust in government institutions, crucial for effective governance in the digital age.
  7. 47min10sec Collaboration and Data Sharing: Highlighting the significance of collaboration and data sharing among local governments to enhance citizen services and foster innovation.
  8. 52min25sec Preparing for Future Technologies: Panelists share three actionable tips each on preparing for future technological disruptions and embracing emerging technologies effectively.
  9. 53min00sec Cybersecurity Imperatives: Sekhar Vanka underscores the critical importance of cybersecurity training for local government employees to mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive data.
  10. 56min00sec Start Small, Scale Fast: Michael Fagan advocates for starting with small initiatives and scaling rapidly, emphasising the importance of incremental success in technological implementations for local governments.