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Local Government Platform

Symphony3’s Local Governent Platform is built specifically to allow local governments to deliver better customer experiences

Symphony3’s Local Governent Platform is built specifically to allow local governments to deliver better customer experiences


“Since going live with our platform our service to the community has been transformed ”

Our purpose is to help people live better lives in a digital world. We do this by helping clients to develop simple, connected customer experiences for their customers. Combining open source technologies that have been tried and tested worldwide with our vast experience in local government, the platform will allow you to build world class digital services for your community and stakeholders. 

The Result:

Our solution ensures your council will deliver simple, connected customer experiences to your community.

The Challenge

Local governments are under increasing pressure to deliver improved customer experiences. The challenge is large considering an average local government delivers circa 125 difference services and uses up to 25 different core systems. This means:

  • Your customers (residents, visitors and businesses) are getting totally different experiences depending on the services they want, the channel they are using  and the council department they are interacting with
  • Customer information is sitting in dozens of different systems that don't speak to each other. This makes it virtually impossible to deliver a seamless experience to the customer. In addition. Endless hours are wasted coordinating information manually.
  • You are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for software licenced 

The challenge is to develop a platform that presents simple digital services to the community in an environment of shrinking budgets.

The Solution

The Symphony3 Local Government Platform is an open source solution that allows you to deliver the simple, connected experiences your customers demand. Built on the Drupal open source platform, the platform combines the best software from around the world tailored to the needs of local government. 


  • Enhanced Customer experience - combine all your websites and digital services into one place
  • Integration with internal systems - integrate systems including GIS, customer request system, document management, finance and records management (amongst others)
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum by eliminating manual processes
  • Login allows customers to self-serve, on any device 24 hours a day, 362 days of the year.
  • Hosted solution that can be quickly deployed and launched
  • Cost effective and licence free – you only pay us for our time and support
  • Easy to use – administrators can be trained to add and manage events in a matter of hours


  • Content Management System.
  • Online Forms and Payments
  • Events Management system
  • Community consultation
  • Facility Bookings
  • Mapping - Find what near me
  • Community and Business Directories
  • Integrated email newsletters and SMS
  •  Data Integration 
 *Full technical specifications are available upon request.

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