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DIY Executive Dashboard - For Local Government

The Symphony3 DIY forms portal provides a flexible and secure solution for creating and managing online forms for your council.

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    Our solution enables greater financial management to ensure

    Long-term commercial sustainability.

    Timely service delivery.

    Visibility and transparency.

    It will deliver immediate improvements to your council.

    The DIY Executive Dashboard integrates a comprehensive project management framework, enabling seamless delivery of council projects, meeting community expectations, fulfilling obligations to funding bodies, and facilitating hassle-free audit reporting.

    Key benefits

    • Transparency: Present progress on important projects to the public via your website. Be clear how public money is being spent on current and future projects.
    • Visibility: Provide instant visibility of status and progress on all projects and services for senior management and councillors. This allows management to focus on the projects that need the most attention.
    • Accountability: Drive ownership and accountability to ensure projects and services are delivered on time and within budget. Empower staff and unlock the potential in your best people.

    Key features

    • Deployed within 48 hours via a secure SaaS platform.
    • Do-It-Yourself set-up or get Symphony3 to guide you through the process.
    • Traffic light system provides status at a glance. Easily see if projects are on schedule, or overdue.
    • Filtering and search functions enable users to easily search and find projects.
    • Spatial view allows users to see all projects in a map of the locality.
    • Interactive graphs present data in an easily digestible format that can be exported for council or strategy report.
    • Smart forms make it easy for users to enter and update data.

    Extended features

    • Financial reports give an overview of financial performance of each project.
    • Customised reporting allows managers to discuss specific projects with their team.
    • The dashboard is built with openness in mind. Our SmartGlue integration tools mean we can integrate quickly and effectively with your core systems.

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