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Who uses our eCommerce solution?

While many eCommerce solutions are developed for start-ups, the Symphony3 eCommerce solution is ideal for B2B businesses with circa $10 - $100mill turnover.

Strong established traditional businesses with sophisticated ERP and manufacturing processes often have poor online offerings. Off the shelf, solutions are too basic whereas proprietary enterprise solutions are considered a high-risk investment due to the cost.

We use a sophisticated open-source eCommerce solution, (Drupal Commerce) that provides enterprise-grade features for a fraction of the cost.

This reduces the risk of cost blowouts and increases the probability of a quick return on investment.


  • Drive new revenue growth. Quickly get to new markets online. Integrate with social media and digital marketing to drive traffic quickly to your store.
  • Transform the customer experience. Customise the look and feel of your online store to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Enterprise-grade eCommerce capabilities at affordable prices. Incremental build. Start small and scale as your resources allow. Our solution means you put in place the infrastructure to grow at the pace you decide.
  • Reduce business costs by fully integrating with your ERP/finance system and eliminating manual processes.
  • Connect your eCommerce offering fully into your processes including with 3rd party (e.g. 3pl suppliers).

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