Give your customers seamless processes that make their lives easier. Let us work with your team. Together we’ll build seamless end-to-end integration for your most common customer interactions.

As a business leader, you know that you need to integrate systems and processes. You know that it will massively improve the customer experience while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual handling (and all the associated errors). You just need a trusted advisor to help you get started. This is where we come in.

Symphony3 is a trusted advisor to its clients. Think of us as your “smart glue”. We utilise information management frameworks that are proven to work over the long term. We combine this with a platform that can be deployed rapidly. And we have years of experience helping other organisations like yours. Put simply, we give you an informed strategy and an affordable platform to connect all of your systems and processes.

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Smart Glue

Our clients know the importance of integration. They trust us to take them on the integration journey as we bring information management frameworks that are proven to work. We combine this with a dynamic implementation platform. Put simply, we give you an informed strategy and an affordable platform to connect everything. We call it Smart Glue.



  • Improved service delivery. Connected systems allows you to streamline service delivery. This dramatically improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Massive efficiencies. Eliminate manual handling and all associated errors.
  • Unlock employee potential. Free your employees from manual handling.
  • Improved business intelligence. Connected systems means connected data. This allows you to better understand your customer, how much it costs to service them, and what makes them loyal to your service or product.
  • Reduce risk with a proven methodology. Many digital agencies are busy connecting systems point to point. Eventually, they leave their clients with an unmanageable spaghetti-like mess of connected systems. Our methodology ensures you connect everything via a central platform (our middleware) that is controlled and manageable long-term.
  • Reduced cost. By default, we use WSO2, a powerful open-source solution that is used by eBay and Uber. It is both affordable and licence free. In addition, our clients share implementation costs. If we have already developed a connector to a system for one client, we’ll use the previous work to integrate for you at a fraction of the cost.

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