Really understand your customer, every interaction they have across your organisation, on every system and channel. Get this right, and you can truly connect with customers and deliver a service experience they will love.

Symphony 3 has an exceptional track record in helping organisations solve the single customer view challenge. By combining smart information management frameworks with our clever, scalable platform we succeed where others have failed.
We work with you to develop a roadmap that suits your resources and timelines. We’ll outline the process for resolving the problem of multiple disconnected systems, and systematically building a single customer view.


The reality of today’s digital world

  • Your stakeholders perceive you as incompetent if you fail to update ALL address lists.
  • They expect to be able to automatically update all details on the website for all services – in all systems
  • Some organisations risk $millions annually by failing to notify individuals correctly. For example, councils failing to notify residents during planning amendments may subsequently have the planning process ruled invalid.
  • It is fundamental to any organisation wanting to be successful in the digital age that they have an accurate and comprehensive customer database.

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Who we’ve helped

We bring a wealth of experience from single customer view projects for multinational organisations, local councils, and mid-size B2B organisations.

For example, we worked on a single customer view project with one of the world’s largest car makers. They had 200 dealers, 24 different databases, and millions of customer records with tens of thousands of duplicates. We helped them create a single view of each customer, allowing them to transform their relationship with each individual customer.

Our extensive local government work tells us that 90% of councils have the same person registered in more than six databases. Up to 20% of those contacts are incorrect or duplicated. Those Duplicate and/or incorrect names and addresses cost councils $39,000,000 annually. We help leading councils to move to a single customer view over multiple years, ensuring revenue is no longer leaking away and ensuring huge reductions in costs due to incorrect customer data.

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