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Start with 200 dealers, 24 different databases, millions of customer records with thousands of duplicates. Create a single view of each customer.  We helped Toyota develop a single customer view. How can we help you?

Most organisations have the same person registered in multiple databases.

Take local governments. We know that 90% of councils have the same person registered in more than six databases. Up to 20% of those contacts are incorrect or duplicated. Those Duplicate and/or incorrect names & addresses cost councils $'000,000 annually. Chances are your organisation is leaking revenue or has mounting costs due to incorrect customer data.

The reality of today’s digital world

  • Your stakeholders perceive you as incompetent if you fail to update ALL address lists.
  • They expect to be able to automatically update all details on the website for all services – in all systems
  • Some organisations risk $millions annually by failing to notify individuals correctly. For example, councils failing to notify residents during planning amendments may subsequently have the planning process ruled invalid.
  • It is fundamental to any organisation wanting to be successful in the digital age that they have an accurate and comprehensive customer database.

Our message has always generated the question: How can you achieve the single customer view consolidation that we have been trying to accomplish for the last 5 years?"

How we can help

Symphony 3 has an exceptional track record in solving the single customer view problems for local councils, multinational organisations and mid-size B2B organisations.  

  • We combine smart information management frameworks with our smart platform which enables us to succeed where others have failed.
  • We provide you with the information architecture and information frameworks that have helped Toyota and other multinational organisations to solve this problem.
  • We develop a structured roadmap that outlines the process for resolving the problem of multiple disconnected systems and systematically building a single customer view.

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