Create better customer experiences with our flexible platform.

Drive revenues and reduce costs by building outstanding digital services.

Your customers are demanding better, more modern services. They quickly become frustrated by poor traditional processes and lack of online alternatives. 

Your staff are frustrated - spending time on manual processes and fixing errors instead of adding value. 

As a small business ourselves we understand how difficult it can be to deliver better digital services. We have developed our platform to help you meet customer expectations and to unlock the potential of your staff. 

The Symphony3 platform provides the “Smart Glue” that ties all your systems and processes together. We make it easy for your customer to do business with you. 

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Smart Website
Customer Portal
Integration (with corporate systems)
CRM & Single Customer View
Dashboard / GIS Enabler
Digital Service Delivery Foundations

Our Platform

Flexible & Modular

Configured to meet your specific requirements.

Add and subtract modules over time according to the needs of your business. Choose an off-the-shelf configuration designed for your sector for speedy implementation. Or work with us to configure the platform to your unique needs.

Secure, reliable and scalable

We ensure your system meets stringent security requirements and performs reliably 24/7/365.

We work with chosen partners who complement our in-house expertise. Use our hosting solution partner or choose your own. As your business grows the platform is designed to grow with you.

Fully Integrated systems

Integration is fundamental to digital transformation. Our platform provides the Smart Glue you need to achieve this.

We have already built hundreds of integrations for clients and our aim is to systematically integrate every software solution in your organisation thus ensuring fully connected customer experiences.


Built on the world’s leading open source solutions.

Deliver an enterprise grade platform that is affordable and licence free. Share code (and associated costs) with our community of clients. Benefit  from instant cost savings with the business automation that results from implementing your platform.


Join a growing community of like-minded organisations who share knowledge, costs and code to improve how they use the platform.

Our community of clients and partners contribute feedback, ideas, suggestions, and code to ensure the platform continues to evolve and improve based on the experience and requirements of the community.