Sustainability at Symphony3

Sustainability at Symphony3

“We implement and encourage sustainable practice in all that we do.”

We adopted sustainability as one of our core values in mid- 2022. Having run a webinar with Gerry McGovern on digital waste in July 2022, we were truly shocked at the scale of the challenge with digital waste. We decided we needed to put sustainability at the forefront of our thinking and quite frankly to do better.

Read some stats here on carbon emissions and pollution caused by digital hardware and software

As a company, we are committed to becoming more sustainable and encouraging and helping our clients to implement more sustainable digital solutions. Below are some of our commitments.

Implementing sustainable web design best practices.

We will endeavour to follow the sustainable web manifesto.

Practically we are committed to:

  • Using opensource, modular and reusable code on client projects. 
  • Ensuring we minimise the digital footprint of our shared platform. We have taken a large step by moving our platform to a ROSA environment (Red Hat Open Shift Service on Amazon). Read more about ROSA and more about Open Shift.
  • Creating a green web chapter of our training guide and webinars to educate and train our clients on sustainable web practices.
  • Green hosting – We currently host with AWS (It has committed to its data centres being 100% driven by renewable energy by 2025).

Commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle at Symphony3.

In our day to day business we are committed to: 

  • BYO devices (which means fewer devices are used for much longer).
  • Regularly cleaning out files, emails, and documents. Only storing what is really needed.
  • Earth hour practices. Switching off non-essential electric items daily. 
  • Sustainable workshops to introduce new practices with staff.
  • We will prioritise working with partners who have sustainable practices.

Other initiatives we are planning

  • Development of a sustainability scorecard/dashboard to help clients measure their own efforts.

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