How executives can better manage their capital works projects and major initiatives

How local governments can use a projects and services dashboard to drive transparency, efficiency and accountability.

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We launched our dashboard for government with the team at Alpine Shire Council. The dashboard provides simple visibility of projects and services in a single place. This in turn drives accountability and transparency. In this webinar, we discussed the importance of simple dashboards for good executive decision-making and management. Featuring the Alpine Shire dashboard and how it is used on a daily by staff and management. 


During this webinar we discussed the challenges faced by public sector organisations when it comes to managing and reporting on projects and services. We focused specifically on local government examples. In addition, we demonstrated:

  • How your organisation become more transparent, efficient and accountable?
  • How local governments quickly and easily keep all council members and staff up to date with all past, present, and future projects?
  • What is the simplest way of letting your residents know where their money is being spent?

This webinar is run by Symphony3 director, Fergal Coleman.


This webinar is for you if you're:

  • A public sector general manager wanting to learn how you can improve visibility and accountability across the projects and services in your organisation.
  • A public sector digital transformation or customer service manager looking to digitise services.


Learn more about the projects and services dashboard

Get visibility, accountability and transparency across all projects and services.

  • Get quick and simple visibility.
  • Capture data through customisable webforms.
  • Save time with easy to use reporting and analysis tools.
  • Drive accountability and transparency inside your organisation, and out.
  • Show your data on an interactive map.
  • Integrate the dashboard with your existing systems.
  • Stress less with easy implementation.

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