How Geofabrics Use API’s and Internet Technologies as Market Leaders

Learn how a mid-market B2B company is transforming its business

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Learn how a mid-market B2B company is transforming its business

Geofabrics Australasia is the leading geosynthetic manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region. It was ranked #1 Most Innovative Manufacturing Company 2021 by the Australian Financial Review in the Manufacturing and Consumer Goods category.

While product innovation is key, Geofabrics management recognises that innovation must extend across the whole business for it to remain the market leader, to meet customer expectations and to grow revenues.
In this webinar, we look at how digital technologies act as an enabler to:

  • Improved customer experience, making it easier for customers to find solutions.
  • Faster speed to market and sales fulfilment
  • Tighter integration of supply chains
  • Testing new markets with online offerings
  • Reduction of double-handling and manual tasks

Geofabrics culture of innovation is apparent in their adoption of modern internet technologies. Small IT and marketing teams have not curtailed the appetite of the business to embrace digital tools and channels to gain a competitive edge.

In this lunchtime webinar, we speak to Azmaan Seyad (General Manager IT and Business Process) and Eustra Drakos (Marketing Manager) about their use of technology in the business over the last few years and how it has benefitted the business.
Topics we will discuss include:

  • Customer experience - using APIs to connect a digital customer portal with core ERP and CRM systems to drive enhanced service delivery
  • Rapid prototyping – developing an online store to test the DIY market
  • Integrating 3rd party suppliers into service delivery
  • Automation and streamlining of sales processes for employees
  • Online learning – how Geofabrics is educating the marketplace
  • Developing an online solution builder to help customers find what they need.

In this practical session in conversation with Fergal Coleman, Azmaan and Eustra will discuss what has worked, what hasn’t, what they would do differently and what they plan next!

This session will be of interest to senior executives, IT, digital and marketing teams at mid-market B2B businesses.