How your council can deliver 90% plus of its capital works budget year on year

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The Symphony3 team discuss how councils can deliver 90% plus of the capital works budget year on year with our SmartLens technology and processes.

This webinar occurred on March 24th 2022

Run in conjunction with A-SPEC


Do you want to deliver 90% plus of your capital works budget every year? 

In this webinar, we discuss how councils can better manage capital works projects with the SmartLens dashboard.

Capital works projects in councils often suffer from a lack of adequate oversight, accountability and coordination. It is not uncommon for councils to regularly deliver only 60% or even less of their Capital Works Budget in any one year.

If your Capital Works Budget delivery is not meeting expectations and there is a real desire in your council to improve, then this webinar is for you.

Join us as we discuss the challenge of managing projects in local government, present the SmartLens dashboard and discuss a tool and methodology that time-poor Councils can implement to successfully hit 90% of their yearly capital works budget.

Please note this is NOT a webinar about project management software. This is a webinar about a management tool for executives to drive accountability, visibility and transparency.


We’ll talk about:

  • The importance of providing transparency to the community. How you can display progress on Capital Works projects to your community.
  • The importance of providing visibility to management. Keeping things simple means managers can cut to the chase, find out what projects are stalling and in trouble and focus their energies on fixing those.
  • Accountability. Why you only need 2 or 3 key metrics that are visible for all to drive accountability across your team.
  • Integration of the SmartLens technology with finance, project management and other systems.

Symphony3 director Fergal Coleman, former City of Kingston CEO John Nevins and CEO of A-SPEC and GISSA International, George Havakis, are joined by guests to talk about the SmartLens dashboard technology and how it is being used by councils to drive improvements.

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The webinar recording is available below

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