Private sector

Symphony3 worked with the IMCRC to develop a portal that delivers massive value to Australian Manufacturers.


Client Since 2020

IMCRC sold Futuremap and associated IP to AI Group, Dec. 2022.

Symphony3 worked with the IMCRC to develop a portal that delivers enormous value to Australian Manufacturers, by helping them plan. The portal combines a slick, easy to use customer experience, rich interactive graphics, a high-value resource library and personalised AI- driven actions to help manufacturers embrace new opportunities.

IMCRC Futuremap

Connecting to Customers

Development of a customer portal and dashboard to help senior manufacturing executives to plan.

The Challenge

  • Purpose of organization was to “help catalyse the transformation of Australian manufacturing”.
  • The CEO recognised symbolic importance of “practicing what we preach” by using transformative technologies.
  • Previous solution was a basic web survey for engaging stakeholders – it was unreliable and outdated.

Solution Symphony Delivered

  • A portal with an intuitive user interface that helps senior managers to navigate surveys, personalised dashboards and reports. The tool presents actions and suggested next steps for future-proofing their business.
  • A scalable platform, available anytime, anywhere.
  • A reliable, robust solution with 99.999% uptime that is trusted by employees, partners and stakeholders.
  • Integration with a third-party database and predictive analytics tools allows presentation of personalised information and recommendations.

Client Benefits and Outcomes

  • Much higher engagement of stakeholders and increased usage of portal (e.g., leadership teams in manufacturing companies).
  • Engaging and intuitive interface, with insightful graphs and reports aids decision-making by senior executives.
  • Personalised information and recommendations delivered automatically to manufacturing leaders, supporting them in improving their businesses.

Client Testimonial

“The Innovative Manufacturing CRC engaged the Symphony3 team to support the development of a new platform to be incorporated into our nationally recognised futuremap® industry education offering. The finished platform was a significant step forward for futuremap and provided a more engaging and intuitive client portal, that has also proven over time to be robust. Our team has been very appreciative of the collaborative partnership with Symphony3 and their help to enhance our platform.”
- David Chuter, CEO IMCRC