Symphony3 Achieves AWS Public Sector Partner Status


Symphony3 is thrilled to announce its achievement of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Public Sector Partner status.

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AWS Partner Public Sector

Symphony3, a fast-growing SaaS platform providing digital enablement and integration solutions, is thrilled to announce its achievement of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Public Sector Partner status. This milestone further demonstrates Symphony3's continued commitment to delivering leading digital technology and advisory services to its clients.

As an AWS Public Sector Partner, Symphony3 will leverage additional expertise in solution architecture and cloud-based technologies. The partnership unlocks access to advanced cloud, AI, and data analytics tools, ensuring that Symphony3 can deliver unparalleled services to its clients. Additional partnerships with AWS subject matter expert partners will be announced soon, further enhancing its digital offering to local government. 

Symphony3 CEO Thomas Hynes:

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AWS, a leader in cloud technology. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our company as we leverage AWS's robust and scalable infrastructure to enhance our service offerings. With AWS's innovative solutions, we are confident in our ability to deliver even greater value to our customers, ensuring reliability, security, and performance at the highest level. Together, we are poised to drive digital transformation in the sector.”

Benefits for Symphony3's clients

Access to Leading Cloud Experts

Symphony3's clients can now leverage advice and strategies from AWS-certified experts, ensuring optimal cloud solutions tailored to their needs.

Future-Proof Solutions

Symphony3's skilled technologists can design and implement solutions that prepare businesses for future growth and ensure service optimisation.

State-of-the-Art Cloud Technologies

Symphony3's clients gain access to the latest cloud-based tools and resources, facilitating seamless integration, digital transformation, and data-driven insights.

Access to PoC funding

Symphony3’s clients can get  funding support to develop Proof of Concepts on the solutions that will benefit their customers and communities.  

About Symphony3

Symphony3 specialises in digital enablement and integration solutions for both public and private sector clients. With deep knowledge of the local government sector, Symphony3 has worked with over 100 councils, delivering cutting edge digital solutions that aim to always deliver enhanced customer experiences. 

As an AWS Public Sector Partner, Symphony3 is poised to extend its expertise, offering cutting-edge services that harness the power of AWS's industry-leading cloud infrastructure.

It keeps Symphony3 at the forefront of technological advancements, providing clients with innovative solutions to meet the demands of today's digital customers.

For further information, please get in touch at [email protected]