Integrated smart forms for local governments that improve customer service and drive massive efficiencies.

At Symphony3 we have extensive experience helping local governments throughout Australia to develop online forms. Our smart forms platform is designed to make it make it easy for councils to convert pdf and MS Word forms into online, smart forms. Our solution is being used by councils including the City of Glen Eira, Moorabool Shire Council, Golden Plains Shire Council, Mansfield Shire Council (see case studies). 

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Our smart online forms

  • Are easy to create
  • Integrate with payment gateways out of the box
  • Have advanced form features such as conditional logic, save drafts, preview, pre-populated fields for logged in users
  • Have advanced workflow management sitting behind each online form, meaning the right person gets notified at the right time
  • Integrate with council systems including TRIM, OpenOffice, Lynx, Infor (Pathway), MS Dynamics, Civica, TechnologyOne
  • Can be shared easily between councils to cut costs
  • Come with a library of 100+ pre-developed smart online forms for councils

Benefits to Council of our Smart Forms platform

  • Online form integration with all major council systems
  • Webforms and CRM system integration.
  • Ability to have multiple employees create their own webforms. 
  • Access to a library of over 300 webforms that have been developed by clients and are available through our knowledge centre platform. 
  • Are built on open source technology meaning there is no licence fee or per form cost
  • Powerful open source platform saves costs.


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