Cut costs. Drive efficiencies. Engage your community. Unlock staff potential.

The Symphony3 Local Government Platform has been developed based on over 30 years’ experience working with local government clients. With over 150 different services and 40 plus core systems delivering seamless services in local government is difficult. Our platform has been designed to provide the smart glue that ties all your systems together. This enables true digital transformation and the resulting cost and service benefits.

The Symphony3 platform has been powering digital transformations in councils since 2014.

Our local government platform clients are seeing:

  • A massive shift towards online transactions as residents complete forms and requests online
  • A reduction in manual processing and associated costs and errors.
  • A better understanding of residents needs across all departments, ensuring service delivery is streamlined and improved.
  • Empowered employees who are freed up from mundane tasks to deliver high value face to face services.
  • Satisfied resident communities who have 24/7 access to an increasing number of council services.
  • Cost effective – our platform is built on open source components meaning it is affordable to all councils, from the largest metropolitan councils to the smallest rural councils.
  • Flexibility: Our platform modules (e.g. community consultations, grants, email marketing) replace existing technologies but if you are happy with an existing solution we simply fit the platform around it. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to deliver simpler, customer experiences.
  • Integration: Integrate with all the major council systems. We have already done the hard work integrating with many council solutions. This includes Infor Pathways, MS Dynamics, Civica, TechOne, OpenOffice, HP Content Manager (TRIM), MS Active Directory, Synergysoft and much more. Adopting our platform allows you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate your systems by building on work done for previous clients.
  • Community: Our council clients work together. They share knowledge, training, code, online forms and much more. This helps them build their internal digital capabilities more quickly, speeding up digital transformation while also reducing costs further.

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