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B2B eCommerce Melbourne, Australia

An eCommerce platform developed to meet the needs of mid-market B2B organisations

Our B2B ecommerce platform has been developed to meet the needs of mid-market B2B organisations. We work with clients in the manufacturing, construction, engineering, wholesale industries.

We deliver the best B2B ecommerce platform because we listen to your needs and configure great ecommerce software to suit the exact needs of your organisation. We are based in Melbourne, Australia and understand the needs of Australian mid-market B2B companies.


B2B ecommerce is different to B2C ecommerce. Where B2C (business to consumer) sales can often be one off transactions, B2B (Business to business) sales tend to be more often based on long term relationships.

B2B organisations often have deep and long standing relationships with a smaller number of clients who have spent millions of dollars with the organisation over many years. Transitioning these relationships to digital interfaces takes skill and management. 

At Symphony3 we have many years working with mid-market B2B companies, in sectors including manufacturing, construction, precision engineering, and consulting. We help these B2B organisations develop simple, connected customer experiences that enhance the deep offline relationships they may already have.


Grow B2B eCommerce Sales

We help these organisations:

  • Drive B2B ecommerce sales to increase revenues and profitability 
  • Develop new B2B digital marketing capabilities that generate customer loyalty and drive repeat sales
  • Open new ecommerce channels to new markets
  • Implement B2B ecommerce software that is scalable, reliable and flexible


The best B2B ecommerce platform

Our eCommerce solution:

  • Is scalable and flexible - it can be tailored to your exact needs
  • Uses enterprise-grade open source software - we offer a high quality and affordable platform.
  • Combines enterprise level ecommerce software with enterprise level integration software. This allows us to deliver an end-to-end ecommerce solution.


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