1.10. Google Analytics 4

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google analytics and the successor to Universal Analytics (launched in 2012). Google analytics 4 will become the required version of Google Anlytics on July 1st 2023 when Universal Analytics is discontinued. GA4 is designed to provide a more complete picture of user engagement with a website or app, including data on user behaviour, demographics, and interests.


Read Google's GA4 Guide



We recommend that you complete this process in a timely manner so that you have time to configure Google Analytics 4 to your preferences before Universal Analytics is discontinued on July 1st. This also allows for comparison with Universal Analytics before Universal Analytics stops collecting data.


How to setup a basic Google Analytics 4 data stream

In the following tutorial we will walk through the process of setting up your basic Google Analytics 4 datastream.

This tutorial can be completed by your websites administrator.


What you need to get started

  1. A Google Analytics Account.
  2. A Google Tag Manager Account.
  3. Administrator Access to your website.


The High level process

  1. Create a new GA4 property in Google Analytics
  2. Create a new GA4 Tag in Google Tag Manager and connect it to your new GA4 Property using a Measurement ID.
  3. Connect your website to your new GA4 Tag by creating a new container under the Google Tag Manager Module on your website, and adding the Container ID from Google Tag Manager.


Step by step

1. Creating a new GA4 property

  • Go to your Google analytics property.
  • Go to admin.
  • Select add property.

  • Give your property a name. For example “Your organisation – GA4”.

  • Select your business category and size.

  • Select Business Objectives. This will vary depending on the reporting needs of your organisation.

  • Select Create stream.
  • Select Web Application for your platform, and input your websites URL and a name for the data stream.


2. Connecting to Google Tag Manager

  • Login to Google tag manager
  • Go to the account for your website.
  • Go to tags
  • Select New

  • Select Tag Configuration
  • Select GA4 Configuration
  • Add a trigger for all pages.

  • Select Save and give your tag a name. E.g. Google Analytics 4 Configuration
  • Go back to Google analytics and copy the Measurement ID of your new property. Paste this measurement ID into the Measurement ID field of your tag. If you can't find your measurement ID go to Property > Data Streams and select your new data stream. The Measurement ID should now be visible.

  • Once your new tag has been setup and the measurement ID has been connected, submit your changes.