1.3. Managing users

How to Manage Users

Creating a user

  1. To create a new user go to people > add user
  2. Add an email, username and password.
  3. Set the status as active for the account to be usable. If inactive, the user will be unable to login.
  4. Tick the roles that you wish the user to have. This decides what permissions for editing the website the user has. Multiple roles can be selected.
  5. You can also select to notify the user of the new account. This will email the user email address input above upon the creation of the account.
  6. Set the user's first name and last name, department, date of birth, phone number, and employee number if required.
  7. You do not need to set a URL alias unless it is a requirement for your website.
  8. Select Create new account to create and save the new account

Deleting or removing access for a user

  1. To remove access for a user go to people and select edit next to your desired user.
  2. Set the user as blocked or remove permissions that you no longer want them to have by unchecking the related roles.
  3. To delete a user go to people and select the checkbox next to the user.
  4. Using the action dropdown, select the cancel the selected user account(s) option, and select the apply to selected items button.

Changing your user details

  1. To edit a users details, go to people and select edit next to your desired user.
  2. From this page you can change any settings that you require.
  3. Select save to confirm your changes.