5.4. Creating a webform page

1. Adding the new webform page

To create a Webform page, go to content, add content, and select CT11 Webform.
You can give your new page a title, and a brief content summary.

Webform Screengrab

Webform Screengrab

2. Selecting your webform

Use the webform reference dropdown to select the webform you wish to insert on the page. A more detailed overview of how to build a form is covered in our webforms video.

Webform Screengrab

3. Add paragraph types

Paragraph types can be added to the body section and are found by clicking the ‘Add Paragraph’ button in the lower left corner. For a more detailed overview of paragraph types, watch our paragraph type video tutorials.


4. Arranging your paragraphs

If you have two or more paragraph types inserted, you can rearrange their order on your page by dragging the boxes up or down.

News Screenshot 4.png

5. Viewing your changes and saving the page.

To view your changes before saving you can use the preview button at the top right, and always remember to save your changes before you finish.

Webform screengrab