3.2. How to setup and edit your website's menu

What is the main menu?

The main menu helps users navigate your website easily from the top of each page.


1. Opening the menu editor

To edit the main navigation menu, go to structure, menus, and click on main navigation.
Here you can change the structural name of the menu, add an administrative summary, and select the menus language.


2. Adding a link

  • To add a link to the menu, click on the “Add Link” button in the top right corner.
  • You can give your new menu link a title. This title is generally the name of the page.  
  • You will also need to add a link URL. This is the address of the page that you would like to link to, after the forward slash. For example, to link to the contact page, I might use /contact
  • An optional link description can also be added. This text will be displayed when hovering a cursor over the menu link.
  • You can select the “show expanded” option If the menu link has sub links, so that the menu will always appear expanded and show these sublinks.
  • If your website has roles, you can enable which of these roles are able to see the menu link.
  • To make your new link the child or sublink of another link, you can use the “parent link” drop down, to select your desired parent link. For example, this would be used if your link was part of a drop down menu.
  • You can generally leave the XML sitemap and weight options as they are.
  • When you’re done, select save in the lower left corner


3. Editing a menu item

To edit a menu item, click its corresponding edit button. The dropdown next to the edit button will allow you to delete the link.


4. Arranging menu items

To arrange your menu items, use the move cursor to click and drag each item into place. Link hierarchies can be set up by indenting links under parent items. Links indented under a parent link will appear as a submenu under the parent. To indent a page as a child link, simply drag that link to the side, or select edit and use the “parent link” drop-down to select a “parent link”.


5. Saving your changes

You will need to save your changes in the lower left corner of the page when you are done. To see your updated menu, return to the homepage.