Engage and delight your customers with a personalised digital experience. 


Smart Website

Your website is the main communications touchpoint for your customers. It is also increasingly where customers start the process of benefiting from, or buying, your products and services. They expect to be able to receive simple and effective customer service on your website. They expect to be able to transact with your business and self-serve at any time of the day. They expect to manage their relationships with your various employees and departments. 

We work with organisations like yours. We help you take your web presence to the next level. With a smart website we ensure that you provide your customers with personalised experiences, content and services that will engage and delight them.


Your benefits

  • A simple, easy to use interface that allows your customers to engage with you 24/7.
  • Built-in best practice web techniques ensuring that you quickly engage new and existing customers.
  • End to end processing means you gain instant cost savings and efficiencies.
  • Searchable and accessible technology meaning your content can be found and read by people and search engines – more traffic and more sales.
  • The underlying shared platform ensures affordable deployment and reduced implementation costs.
  • A platform that is open and scalable allowing you to grow functionality in the coming years.


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The high-level technical stuff

Our digital platform was specifically developed to give you the tools to deliver a better more modern service to your customers.

We combine:

  • A Content Management System to allow you to manage and present website content.
  • CRM functionality to manage customer relationships.
  • Integration Middleware – to allow you to connect your web presence with any other system in your organisation.

This combination delivers on our promise of simple, connected customer experiences.

The Drupal CMS

Managing your website's content.

Our platform utilises the Drupal CMS, which we configure to suit your needs. It's the #1 web content management system among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs.

Because it is open-source, you’ll be able to build on work done by some of the world’s most innovative businesses including Tesla, Pfizer, (link these), government organisations like the Australian Federal Government and the City of London, and not for profits and associations like Greenpeace, The World Economic Forum and Oxfam.

We have worked extensively to make sure we optimise our version of Drupal for our clients, delivering great front end user-experience combined with back-end workflows and processes.



Manage your relationships with your customers.

We use CRM tools and techniques to manage the relationships with your customer. This includes:

  • Managing relationships and understanding your customer’s relationship with others.
  • Tracking and measuring activities undertaken by customers.
  • Facilitating two-way communication with customers.
  • Allowing customers to self-serve and manage their own information.

Our default CRM is CiviCRM but we integrate with many others like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and many industry sector CRMs.

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Integration Middleware

The "Smart Glue".

Integration middleware is the “smart glue” we use to connect all your systems together. This is the final critical component required to deliver simple, connected, customer experiences. This ensures:

  • Users can complete a transaction online but the information can automatically be sent to finance systems, document management systems, internal CRM systems. In fact, we can send information to and from any system with a modern API.
  • We can present data from any of your internal systems on the web platform for your customer to read and interact with.

Ws02 is our middleware solution of choice but we work with Dell Boomi, Mulesoft and many other.

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