Symphony3's local government platform is created to deliver great local government websites.

We call them smart websites - websites that are designed to deliver easy to use digital services to the community. Australian local governments using our website solutions include:

  1. Alpine Shire Council - a fresh design, with top tasks organised in a modern slider makes this site simple and easy to use.
  2. Moorabool Shire Council - a customer-centric website with end-to-end digital services that integrate with council's finance system and CRMS. 
  3. Golden Plains Shire Council - council's communications team have leveraged this information rich website to engage proactively with the community. 
  4. Mansfield Shire Council - This website uses the top-task methodology to allow the community to quickly find the most used services.
  5. The City of Glen Eira 
  6. Colac Otway Shire Council - Symphony3 

Best local government websites

What makes a great local government website? 

As a starting point we believe a great local government website should deliver the following:

  1. Be simple and easy for the user to use. This means the people in your community. It should be intuitive. It should work on every device. It should meet accessibility guidelines so the whole community can access it. 
  2. Follow government best practice - you need a local government website designer who understands the business of local government and who can also deliver outcomes that meet the standards laid out by organisations such as the digital transformation agency
  3. Be cost effective. We believe tax payers money should be used wisely. We deliver high quality enterprise grade solutions at a cost that are affordable for local governments of all sizes. We do this through our open platform - we use open-source software and we share code across our clients. 

What would you add to the list? We'd love to hear your thoughts on what outcomes a local government website should deliver. Get in touch.


Best local government websites
The Alpine Shire Council website is simple and easy to use