7.3. How to Edit the Notification Banner

What is the notification banner?

The notifications banner sits at the very top of your website, above the menu. It’s often the first thing users see when visiting your site, so it’s a useful tool to share time-sensitive news, emergency warnings, health updates, or alert of any website maintenance that may interfere with your user's online experience.

1. How to enable the notifications banner

To enable your site’s notification banner, go to Structure, Block Layout, and then click enable on the notification banner block.

2. How to edit the notification banner

Once enabled, you can update the notification banner text. Go to the custom block library and click on edit next to Notice Banner.

In the text box, enter a short line of text you wish to display on the banner. You can also include links by enabling full HTML.

3. Save and view your changes

Once you have finished updating the text, remember to save your changes before you exit by clicking on the Save button, located in the bottom left.

To view your updated banner navigate back to the homepage of your website.