6.10. Creating a benefit statement box

What is a Benefits Statement Box?

Benefit statement boxes are bits of featured content that you can use to draw a user’s attention to information. They consist of a statement box, that holds a group or list of benefits.

1. How to add a benefit statement box

Go to content, and select edit on your desired page.

Click on the add paragraph button at the bottom left of the page and select the benefit statement box paragraph type. You will now see the empty benefit statement box appear alongside your existing paragraphs.

2. Add content to the Benefits Statement Box

For this tutorial we want to display a list of three values that are held by an organisation, with an overview explaining what they are. This overview is displayed above the list of benefits.

Now that the overview has been added, we can move onto the benefits themselves. Each actual benefit is broken into a title, benefit content, and an image.

To add more than one benefit, select the add benefit button on the bottom left.

3. Change the location of the paragraph type

To change the location of your benefit statement box on the page you can drag the paragraph type up or down. You can also rearrange the order of the benefits within the statement box.

4. Preview and save your changes

To view your changes before saving you can use the preview button at the top right, and always remember to save your changes before you finish.